Wimmera Moulded Earplugs provides earplugs made of surgical grade silicon which are injected into the ear to create an exact fit for every individual.

Our earplugs provide hearing protection for industry and sports applications as well as providing for quality sound production for communications and music.

Wimmera Moulded Earplugs has a solution for every problem, including...

- People who are subject to hearing loss due to excessive noise.
- People who need to keep water out of their ear canal
- People who want communication while riding and driving.
- People who love listening to music on their bike or without disturbing others.

The business was started by Sally Trigg in late 2008 as a hobby to provide earplugs for local motorcyclists.  Since then the business has grown and, as an authorised agent for Earmold Australia, we now provide the full range of Earmold Australia products. This includes...

- Moulded Earplugs
-Wired Earplugs (with or without volume control)
-Stereo Headsets
-SENA Bluetooth Communication devices

A full range of products can be viewed on the Earmold Australia website.

Sally is a retired nurse and has completed the official training provided by Earmold Australia. She is available for onsite consultations, as well as after hours services if required. Please contact us if you are interested in making an appointment or would like more information!

Sally Trigg
Wimmera Moulded Earplugs